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Vanessa Torres of C-SPAN Aug 20, 2018
How C-SPAN Educates High Schoolers

Vanessa Torres     C-SPAN  How C-SPAN Educates High Schoolers, with their bus and graphic programs.

The C-SPAN team will be visiting Hawaii for our national "50 Capitals Tour" and I'd love to stop by. For 39 years, C-SPAN, which is a private, not-for-profit company, has pursued its mission to make government more open to the American public, televising political proceedings to millions of households across the country.

C-SPAN and C-SPAN's Bus will be visiting various venues in Maui and Honolulu to showcase C-SPAN's non-partisan resources. My presentation, during your lunch meeting, would take about 30 minutes, with questions.

Our C-SPAN team and Bus hasn't visited Hawaii in about 20 years, so I am really excited to, hopefully, share with you what we are doing with C-SPAN and where you can visit the C-SPAN Bus during our time in Maui.

Check out our website to see the 37 states we have visited so far on our "50 Capitals Tour": https://www.c-span.org/community 

Thanks! Vanessa Torres

Marketing Specialist 

400 N. Capitol St. NW l Suite 650 l Washington, DC 20001

Phone (202) 626-7952 l Fax (202) 638-5244 

vtorres@cspan.org www.c-span.org  


David Belew Aug 27, 2018
Where is the Real Estate market in Maui today?

David Belew, Chief Executive Staff of Realtors Association of Maui (RAM) 

Where is it headed over the next several months? David will review market stats for the first seven months of this year, and take a look at some trends that may indicate where the market is headed.

DARK, No Meeting
Brian Kohne Film Maker Sep 10, 2018
Kuleana (the movie)

Kuleana (the movie)

John Taibemol Sep 17, 2018
Voices of Micronesians Of Maui (VoMOM)

Voices of Micronesians Of Maui (VoMOM)

Club Assembly Sep 24, 2018


Fun, Off Sites, Rotary on the Road, Socials

     Escape Room

     Kahului Airport Fire department

     Maui Brewery

Club Business


        Christmas Trees



Chantal Ratte Kalima O Maui Ltd Oct 01, 2018
Kalima O Maui
COLUMBUS DAY Oct 08, 2018
Kauwela Bisquera & Toni Rojas Oct 15, 2018
Queen Kaahumanu Center


Na Lan, Attorney at Law Oct 22, 2018
Medical Marijuana in the workplace.

Na Lan, Attorney at Law, Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hastert, Medical Marijuana in the workplace.



Elaine Slavinsky Oct 29, 2018
Maintain Your Brain

Elaine Slavinsky Registered Nurse, Educator
Maintain Your Brain (keeping it healthy in order to avoid Alzheimer’s Disease)

Bennadette Dumon Nov 05, 2018
Haleakala National Park
Dr. Jack Higgins Nov 19, 2018
AIDS Project

Dr. Jack Higgins, Los Altos Rotary AIDS Project to stop mother to baby transmission of AIDS in Tanzania